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AAP appeals for garbage free & Malaria Chikungunya Dengue Free Delhi

AAP appeals for garbage free & Malaria Chikungunya Dengue Free Delhi

·       MCD needs to be freed from corruption and financial mismanagement.

Aam Aadmi Party on Friday appealed to the voters of Delhi to come out and vote in large numbers on Sunday to decisively get rid of a decade-old misrule of the BJP in the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi.

AAP Delhi convenor Dilip Pandey said people of Delhi have an opportunity to vote for a garbage free and Malaria Chikungunya Dengue free Delhi.

Pandey said the BJP has converted the MCDs into Most Corrupt Departments in the world and he challenged the BJP to point out a single achievement of the MCDs during last 10 years.

It is for this precise reason that the BJP made an unsuccessful and desperate attempt to avoid any discussion/debate on MCDs functioning during the entire campaign

Pandey said since the BJP has nothing to show in terns of achievements that is why it is running away from the election field.

He asked why did the BJP national president Mr Amit Shah abruptly cancel his rally on Thursday ? What happened to the BJP list of star campaigners ?

How many of these star campaigners whose names were given to the media actually came to campaign for the BJP ?

Look at the state of affairs of the BJP which has till now had to expel atleast 100 of its leaders/office-bearers during the MCD campaign.

Reality is that facing widespread corruption and having done nothing for the people of Delhi during last 10 years, the BJP is staring at a big defeat.

Pandey said sensing defeat, the BJP is trying to adopt leaders from the already finished Congress Party, whose disgruntled leaders are abusing their own national vice-president Mr Rahul Gandhi and are praising the BJP – it means Congress was hand in glove with the BJP in the MCD loot.

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