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AAP convenor demands an impartial probe and white paper on the demonetisation mega scam

Date 1 Jan 2017

AAP convenor demands an impartial probe and white paper on the demonetisation mega scam

·         Prime Minister shying away from telling the country what has been achieved through demonetisation

·         People of the country going through hell since 50 days

Aam Aadmi Party national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday demanded an impartial inquiry and a white paper on the entire demonetisation mega scam which has turned the lives of people of India into hell since last 50 days.

“We demand a thorough and impartial inquiry into the entire demonetisation mega scam and a white paper should be brought out on what was achieved and what the country lost due to this demonetisation, which led to more than 100 people losing their lives,” Kejriwal said, addressing a press conference in response to the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on new year’s eve.   

Kejriwal said the people of the country have a right to know what were the objectives behind demonetisation, how far were these achieved and at what cost to the nation.

“The white paper should disclose the cost to the nation in terms of fall in GDP growth, in terms of fall in production and terms of fall in agriculture production,” Kejriwal said.

 The country was hoping that the Prime Minister would atleast announce the withdrawal of 50 day-old restrictions imposed on taking out your own money deposited in banks, in his address to the nation on Saturday night.

It was also expected that the Prime Minister will share with the country what was lost and what was gained by his decision to ban Rs 500 and RS 1,000 currency notes, the AAP convenor said.

The Prime Minister did not even mention any of the objectives last night which he had wanted to achieve when he had announced the implementation of demonetisation on the night of 8th November. People of India have been deceived in a big way and their lives were turned into hell by this decision, Kejriwal said.

Despite having forced the people to undergo through numerous hardships, the Prime Minister failed to spell out whether any of the four stated objectives of eradication of black money, corruption, crackdown on terror funding and counterfeit currency were achieved ? He failed to touch upon any of these issues simply because nothing was achieved nor was there any will to do so, the AAP convenor stated.

The Prime Minister could not mention even a single positive point that was achieved in this 50 day exercise.

Kejriwal said Demonetisation has turned out to be a mega scam and during these 50 days the country witnessed many aspects of this mega scam.

First of all, BJP and its friends were tipped in advance and they were allowed to convert their black money with active help of government agencies.

Next, BJP President Amit Shah led the party in purchasing lands across the country in cash.

The only beneficiary of the demonetisation mega-scam has been Pay TM. What was the Prime Minister’s interest in promoting Pay TM, a company in which there is Chinese investment.

It is an open secret that for 50 days there was an organised racket which arranged conversion of old currency into new.

On the one hand, where the people of the country were forced to stand in queues for days, loans of 63 billionaires worth crores of rupees were waived off, the AAP convenor said.


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