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AAP releases the first analysis of North MCD budget presented by its BJP leadership

PR/AAP/2nd feb 17

AAP releases the first analysis of North MCD budget presented by its BJP leadership

The Aam Aadmi Party is closely analysing the budgets presented by the Municipal Corporations of Delhi, since the party is of the clear view that the BJP has ruined these corporations and heaped miseries on the people of Delhi

AAP Delhi convenor Dilip Pandey has released the point wise analysis of the budget for the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) presented for the financial year 2017-18by the ruling BJP in the corporation recently. Please find below the detailed point wise analysis :

1) The Budget presented by the NDMC is an absurd joke on the people residing in its area of jurisdiction. The budget has been callously written without addressing the financial crisis faced by this civic body, which is severely plaguing its functioning.

2) It has made promises like a Medicity and investments in solar energy which it won't be able to afford even if it invests its total budget on it.

3) The budget exposes the double standards of the BJP, which has been opposing the proposed salary hike of MLAs in Delhi, and it is building offices for its own councillors, giving them drivers, health insurance etc.

4) AAP government in Delhi was not asking for any luxuries like a driver since there is no car allowance to start with for the MLAs. It also shows the mentality of the BJP which assumes that all it's all MCD councillors with a salary of 3000 Rupees a month have cars .

5) The MCD is not asking for a raise in councillors salaries, because its councillors make money out of other corrupt means.

6)  In another budget allotment , the BJP-ruled MCD is providing for a health insurance for its own councillors, it refuses to think about the common man but pursues the self interest of its councillors. Thehe budget has many such points which reflect this kind of selfish thinking by the NDMC.

7) It is spending Rs 80 lakh on gym equipment for the gym inside the Civic Center.

8)  Why can't the councillors visit a clinic or a hospital first to see their conditions of the services providing before giving special treatment to themselves ?

9)  In another point, MCDs lies about pensions which they have been denying to the senior citizens, widows and physically disabled individuals have been exposed. The NDMC, EDMC and SDMC have refused to pay pensions to any individual. The Delhi Government has now stepped in and has started giving pensions .

10) In the beginning of the budget, it claims to be starved for funds but it goes on to make unrealistic promises like building a Medicity.

11) Another farcical promise is that every ward will have many amenities like a garden and an ayurvedic clinic, also a health camp in every ward has been promised. 

The question still remains what has prevented the MCDs for having done it during the last 10 years ? Their existing clinics are in shambles, why don't they revive them and start providing citizens with aurvedic services.

12) As expected the NDMC does hide its own corrupt practices and goes on to harp about its old promises like setting up vending zones for street hawkers.

Residents of Delhi are well aware that the MCD extorts money from street vendors and refuses to give any one a legal vending zone. 

13) MCDs have consistently claimed that they do not have funds to pay the salaries of safai karamcharis, but NDMC claims it will become the first municipality in the world to provide sanitation staff with mobile phones !.

14) The AAP had done a press conference few days back on delayed MCD projects,

Rani Jhansi Grade Seperator is a project that had been initiated in 1998, and is nowhere near completion even two decades later.

15) MCDs revenue generation methods are really hilarious because no government website gets Rs 10 crore as ad revenue. If you see their website it is extremely useless for any kind of information, so why do they think it will be as popular as Facebook or Flipkart. Even popular news sites might not be making as much money out of their websites. 

16) If the North Delhi Municipality does need a crane to clear out cars illegally parked on foothpaths and pedestrain pathways, the PWD department can do it for them. PWD had made the same request to the LG during the Odd -Even traffic formula. 

17) We are happy to see that the MCD is trying to copy the AAP development model. By promising to set-up model schools, building more classrooms and toilets for women, however  the amount of budget and targets are worrying.

18 ) How can 30 model schools be created in just Rs 15 lakh ?

19) How can construction of 192 classrooms be adequate, in contrast the Delhi Government is constructing over 8000 classrooms and is going to increase the number even further this year ?

20) They want to set-up toilets but the number is far lesser then required even as per the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan targets  .Just 500 toilets for the entire NDMC .In sharp contrast Delhi Government has allocated money for 10000 toilets this year.

21) There is no mention of a strategy to deal with the garbage crisis, the waste to energy plant in Narela which has been under development since 2005 has been promised to be made operational by the end of the month . 

22)  The most absurd promise was to give an exemption for property tax to those above 100 years of age. It seems the Municipal Corporation has no seriousness and no ideas for the betterment of the citizens of Delhi.

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