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BJP’s MCD Manifestoes - 2012 & 2017 - a tale of deceit and lies

BJP’s MCD Manifestoes - 2012 & 2017 - a tale of deceit and lies


AAp Delhi convenor Dilip Pandey on Friday released a fact sheet based on comparison of the BJP manifestoes for the MCD elections of 2012 and 2017. 


The manifesto released by the BJP in 2017, along with the 2012 manifesto point to the BJP’s failure, lies and betrayal.


Main points of the BJP lies are as follows : 


Point 1 - BJP’s 2017 manifesto repeats several of the key promises made by the party in the last manifesto it released in 2012. This is a clear indictment of its own performance in the last 5 years, since the party admits to its failure in implementing most of its previous promises.

  1. Providing civic facilities that MCD provides to authorised colonies, to JJ colonies - This promise was made in 2012 and no step has been taken in this direction. The 2017 manifesto has this promise verbatim from the previous manifesto.

  2. Social Security Cards - In 2017, the BJP has promised social security cards to auto drivers, rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, feriwallahs, domestic helps, factory workers and workers in the unorganised sector. This promise has been lifted as is from the 2012 manifesto of the party.

  3. Weekly Markets - The BJP had promised to regularise weekly markets across Delhi and even provide essential services to vendors as well as people visiting the markets. This has not been done and a similar promise has been repeated in the 2017 manifesto.

  4. Garbage Collection From Households - Door-to-door waste collection and garbage segregation was promised by the BJP in its 2012 manifesto, and has been repeated in the 2017 manifesto. This project has seen no movement over the last 5 years. The promise to make Delhi dhalao-free is also farcical as the BJP has shown no commitment to this project in the last ten years.

  5. Public toilets at markets - Despite promising public toilets in markets in the 2012 manifesto, and despite the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan turning 3 this year, the BJP-led MCDs have failed to implement this promise. This promise has been repeated in this year’s manifesto.\

  6. Dairy colonies - In 2017, BJP has promised it will set up dairy colonies,. The party made the same promise in 2012, but no progress has been made in this direction. Ghogha dairy remains the only authorised dairy facility.

  7. Stray monkeys and dogs - The BJP has not been able to solve the problem of stray monkeys in 5 years. The promise of rounding up monkeys and taking them to secure forest areas has been lifted as is from the 2012 manifesto. The same is the case of stray dogs, for which the BJP had promised to run a sterilization drive in 2012, and has promised to “control” the situation in this year’s manifesto.


Point 2 - BJP’s misleading advertisements are contradictory to their manifestos from 2012 and 2017. The BJP claims to have fulfilled certain promises made in 2012, but they have included the same promises in the 2017 manifesto. Not only that, even the claims made in the advertisements are wholly untrue.

  1. Computer labs in MCD schools - BJP ads have claimed that MCD schools have computer labs. The 2017 manifesto promises compulsory “computer lessons”. Were these labs lying unused for the last 5 years? Do these computer labs exist in every single MCD school? In the 2012 manifesto, BJP had promised Class 4 and 5 students will be given computers, but no such scheme was implemented by the MCDs.

  2. Smart classrooms in MCD schools - BJP Ads have claimed that MCD schools now have smart classrooms, but their 2017 manifesto also promises smart classrooms. The ads are obviously false if they are promising to build smart classrooms after 2017 MCD elections.


Point 3 - The BJP has made several promises in the 2017 manifesto which are not only misleading, but are also dangerous for Delhi’s governance.

  1. Adoption policy for MCD schools - The BJP had promised to bring all MCD schools at par with private schools in its 2012 manifesto. The data collected for learning levels of children who enter Delhi Government schools after studying in MCD schools until Class 5 shows that the BJP’s most pathetic performance has been in the running of primary schools. In this year’s manifesto, the BJP proposed to ask private schools to “adopt” MCD schools. This is an outright admission from the BJP that it has given up on its own schools. The BJP does not even want to continue to run these primary schools and wants to hand them over to private schools. The BJP is essentially proposing to disown the already broken primary schools network of Delhi, and hand them over to the private schools that do not have the bandwidth or resources to run their own schools well!

  2. Regularization of unauthorised colonies - In 2017, BJP is promising to pressurise the Delhi Govt to regularise unauthorised colonies. Before the 2015 Assembly election, the BJP-led Centre had passed an ordinance to regularise Delhi’s unauthorized colonies, but the ordinance lapsed as this Bill was never passed in Parliament. The BJP misleading people by promising to pressurise the Delhi Government on this issue, whereas the power to act on it actually lies with the same party. The BJP has been in power in the MCD for 10 years and in the Centre for 3 years now.



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  3. BJP Manifesto 2012


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