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PM Modi’s desperate attacks on AAP reflect frustration of a losing and failed leader


PM Modi’s desperate attacks on AAP reflect frustration of a losing and failed leader

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s desperate attacks on the Aam Aadmi Party in election bound states of Punjab and Goa reflect the frustration of a failed leader staring at a big defeat in both states at the hands of the AAP.

The Prime Minister for the second successive day on Sunday made an unsuccessful attempt to mislead the voters of Punjab, a day after his similar attempt had cut no ice in Goa.

Shaken by the positive campaign of the AAP which is getting widespread support from all sections in Punjab, Mr Narendra Modi, whose party is a junior partner in the discredited ruling coalition of the state, appeared lost in an election rally at Kotkapura in Faridkot district of Punjab, where crowds were brought in buses from far-off areas.

Mr Modi’s language against the AAP was similar to what it used to be during the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, and the party would like to remind the Prime Minister he should recall how the voters of Delhi had answered his attacks on AAP, by reducing the BJP to its worst ever performance in the national capital.

Since the Prime Minister spoke about the promises made by the AAP to the people of Delhi, the party is ready to debate with the BJP, the performance of Delhi government since last two years in comparison to the performance of nearly three years of Modi government at the Centre.

AAP government in Delhi has been implementing its pro-people agenda despite hurdles being created by the Modi government in its functioning almost on a daily basis, and Delhi government performance particularly in education and health sectors is being lauded internationally.

It is strange that Mr Modi, who is unable to point out a single achievement of the outgoing Akali-BJP government in Punjab, is now trying to mislead voters by unsuccessfully creating imaginary issues to confuse the voters.

The AAP categorically states that Mr Modi’s attempts to divert attention of the voters from his monumental blunder of demonetization to the loot by Akali/BJP combine in Punjab will come a cropper and the voters of Punjab will give him a befitting reply.

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