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Press Release 19 Dec 2016

Date 19 Dec 2016

Aam Aadmi Party held a press conference on political funding today. AAP leader and National Spokesperson Ashish Khetan said "Modiji has said that he is ready to bring about transparency in political funding. He gave this suggestion in an all party meet but there was no discussion on it. If Modi Sarkar is serious about ending black money in election funding it will merely take two days to execute. As of today all parties take advantage of the rule that states that political parties need not give any details of funds in cash amounting to Rupees 20000."
Ashish Khetan added "The other loophole is that while there is a limit on the money spent by a candidate, there is no limit on the funds spent by the party. We saw how Modiji spared no expense in his grand 2014 campaign - from LED screens to holograms. It is shameful how both the Congress and the BJP colluded with each other when the courts questioned political funding."
The Aam Aadmi Party presented three demands which can easily end black money in elections. 
1. The changes in the FCRA law should be reversed immediately. 
2. The law allowing poltical parties to not disclose source of funds below Rs 20000, taken in cash, should be abolished immediately and all parties must take cashless donations only. 
3. All parties must come under RTI. 
Ashish  Khetan added that it is ironical that Amit Shah recieves cash in suitcases but the common man is forced to use swipe machines. This is a mindless Sarkar which changes rules dailly and the result is that no one takes the Prime Minister seriously anymore. Whereever Modiji hosts a rally cash is easily. made available for the BJP. 


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