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Why are BJP, Cong afraid of demanding assembly dissolution ?

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) challenges the BJP and the Congress to give it in writing to the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi that they want the state assembly to be dissolved and make a similar statement before the Supreme Court. The AAP finds the statements of state presidents of both, the BJP and the Congress, extremely amusing that they are ready for elections.

In case of BJP, if it is ready for elections, then the people of Delhi can get a chance to elect a new government of their choice within no time, since all that is required is that the BJP has to ask the union home ministry of its own party government to seek a report from the LG recommending dissolution of the assembly. If the home ministry directs the LG to send a report, it can be placed before the union cabinet soon and the President’s rule can be revoked in Delhi and assembly dissolved during the ongoing budget session of the Parliament itself. Therefore, if the BJP state President is serious in demanding fresh assembly elections, and is not hoodwinking the people, the stalemate can be resolved in no time. Read More

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